About Us

Founded by Philip and Michael Noble in 2020


Noble Wealth Partners is an independent investment management firm, dedicated to helping individuals, families, and especially business owners, maximize their resources and wealth by using smart financial planning to better organize and simplify their financial decision-making.

We are a father-son team with more than 40 years of total experience. We have not only the financial acumen of the solutions our clients need, but also the understanding of how family dynamics become interrelated with managing wealth. And as business owners ourselves, we empathize with our entrepreneurial clients whose financial success may be tied to the value of their companies.

We are your trusted advocate in maximizing your wealth.


From our office in downtown Toledo, we focus on customized retirement income planning and investment management, including asset allocation and portfolio construction. We use our knowledge, skills, and experience to help our clients navigate the ever-changing markets, as well as the many changes in their own lives.

But what allows us to receive 80% of our new clients as referrals from existing relationships – some lasting over 30 years– is the work ethic and set of core values that serve as the foundation of our firm.

Caring Relationships

With deep relationships based on trust and integrity, we work with a select group of clients who value our extensive knowledge as we provide solutions that go well beyond investments.

Industry Knowledge

We use our technical and analytical skills to research, evaluate and recommend appropriate strategies. We believe in educating our clients, especially the next generation, on how to best manage money for the long term.

Service Excellence

The quality of your experience in working with us is our highest priority, so we emphasize transparency and frequency in our open communications. Our team stands ready to provide advice, answer questions, and address any of your financial concerns.

Thought Leadership

We engage with the markets every day, accessing information constantly from a diverse range of institutional thought leaders around the industry. This informs the disciplined process we use to manage your investments.

Personalized Investment Approach

Our clients’ portfolios are individually managed on a fully discretionary basis to help meet their specific requirements for growth, income and preservation of capital. It is our fiduciary duty to always put our clients’ interests first.



Why did you choose to start your own firm?

We were eager to return to our roots, with a focus on offering a high-level of dedicated, personalized service. Free from working within the constraints of a bureaucratic institution, we can now direct our resources towards improving our clients’ experience and work towards enhancing outcomes as well.

How will the launch of your firm affect us directly?

There will be no significant impact on your account as we will continue to serve you with the personal attention you’ve come to expect from us. We have the flexibility to maintain your existing investment solutions with no major changes. As the markets and the world continue to evolve, we are well poised to help you navigate towards your life goals with confidence.

How will I benefit?

Our independence, our commitment to the fiduciary standard, and our open architecture combine to create an environment in which we can now offer you a virtually unlimited array of investment products and solutions – always keeping your best interests as our top priority.

What does fiduciary standard mean?

To serve as your fiduciary means that we must act in your best interests, that we owe a duty of loyalty to place your interests ahead of our own and our firm’s. It also compels us to avoid conflicts of interest or fully disclose them with your consent.  We also have a duty of care, to act with skill, prudence, and diligence in light of your goals, risk tolerance, objectives, and financial circumstances.  And lastly, we have a duty to follow your instructions, with all objectives, policies, restrictions, and other terms of agreed engagement or reasonable and lawful directions from you.


Where will our assets be held, and will they be safe?

After a careful and thorough review, we chose Charles Schwab to be our custodian, to safeguard our clients’ assets. As an industry leader, Schwab custodies over $6 Trillion in client assets (as of August 2020), with comprehensive measures to help protect your privacy and security. To ensure peace of mind, Schwab will cover 100% of any losses in any of your accounts due to unauthorized activity.

Service / Fees

What about customer service?

We are committed as ever to give you the best possible service and personal attention. That begins with returning your call the same day, following up on requests promptly, and setting up review meetings regularly. But it also means listening carefully to learn about your changing needs and goals.

Will our fees change with this transition?

Fees will not change. We are committed to full transparency and happy to answer any questions you may have about your account.

How long will it take our assets to transition to your new firm?

It will take about 2 to 3 days to complete the transition, however, there will be no time ‘out of the market’ as we will transfer positions as they are.

How can we access our accounts?

You’ll be able to access your accounts via secure client log-in on our new website on either your computer or mobile device. Of course you’ll continue to receive paper statements of your account information.

How can I expect to view our assets once they transition to our new accounts?

You will have full access to your accounts with a state-of-the-art web or mobile application.  The user interface is well organized, detailed, and user-friendly.

Where are you located and how can I reach the team?

Our office is located at 14 N. Erie Street in Toledo. You’re welcome to call us directly at any time (419) 930-9480 to schedule 1-on-1 time with Phil or Mike, at your convenience at our office space, by video conference, or by phone.

Next Steps

What happens now?

Please reach out to us to us now so we may open your accounts and transfer your investment assets and continue to serve you without interruption.